Friday, February 12, 2010


For the last week and a half, Heidi and I have been housesitting in Richfield.  It is nice to be closer to our friends and have our own place for a while but being away from all of our stuff does get tiring.  Also, Jackson requires so much gear that our car was pretty much stuffed.  A few days ago our stationwagon needed to go into the shop so we had to bring some stuff back to Heidi's parent's house and retrieve our Honda Civic, which has much less cargo space.  Hopefully we will still be able to get everything into the Honda on Tuesday when we are done in Richfield.  We have also discovered that we are not dog people.  This is the second time we have watched someone's dog and, while we do not dislike dogs, we just don't love them.  Ironically, we have two more house/dogsittings scheduled for the next couple months.  In both cases, the people are good friends with nice dogs, (and large TVs) so we are not at all worried about it.  It is good that we did this so that we did not get a dog and discover that we were not cut out for dog ownership.

I am still in the job hunt.  Yesterday I had an interview at MN Teen Challenge and that went well.  It would be a great job and I am sure I would like it a lot.  I will not hear about a 2nd interview for a couple weeks since one of the decision makers is going on vacation all of next week.  Today I had a phone interview at Lifesource, which does organ procurement.  Next week I should hear if they want another interview.  It is good to have interviews and I'll keep putting out applications and keep the blog updated when anything happens.  I am in a good place of trusting God to provide.

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