Thursday, February 03, 2011

a January update in pictures

Tim and I were so thankful to have friends who were willing to help us move on New Year's Eve.  Here's a few pictures of all the work they did.

We had no idea how much stuff we had until we filled up a 26' truck.  Yikes!  I am pretty sure it was all baby stuff......

Peter and Julie moving my beautiful, "old lady" couch that everyone hates.  I love it!  Too bad we had to cut the legs off to get it in the house....

Stan was a rockstar fitting everything into the van with expertise.  Stan in my favorite!

Since Jackson's birthday was right before we moved, we waited a few more days to celebrate after we moved and then took him to Nicolodeon Universe.  We had a couple mystery tickets and one of them had 100 points!  We only used about 30 before it was bedtime, so we blessed another family with the rest of the tickets.  It was pretty fun giving them away and seeing the look on the little ones faces.  

It was his first time on rides and he loved them!

I was only able to go on 2 of the rides with him, but it was pretty fun to see him enjoying himself so much.   

We ate at McDonald's before the rides, which was a big hit, as always....

I also tried my hand at cake decorating and make Jackson a puppy cake.  From the look on his face, I think he liked it.  Or maybe it was the roomful of people singing to him and clapping for him that produced such joy!  We are so blessed to have this sweet little boy as a part of our family, I can't imagine life without him.  He has brought so much joy to us these past 2 years.  Happy 2nd birthday, love!

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