Thursday, April 14, 2011

my scattered thoughts on twinage

 sleeping princes, their first week home

 family of 5 at Costco.  we are officially now "that family."  you know the one, 2 carts, 3 kids, lots of diapers, always in the way.  yep, that's us :)

 "T-bone" and "B-bop" in their sweet handmade outfits complements of Sierra and Sumer.  
Yoga pants for babies!

 Daddy and little Theo

 I don't think my back can take the full load, but I was impressed with myself that I got them both 
in the Moby by myself.

 4 of our 5 birthdays are now in March so we celebrated with a little fondue a few weeks ago.

Right after Jackson was born, Tim and I celebrated 4 years of marriage at the Melting Pot.  Time flies!

It was Jackson's first experience with the delight of melted chocolate 

one month old!

twinage update
The twins are 6 weeks old and things have been going better than we expected.  the past couple weeks have been a little harder, however, and we are feeling pretty worn out.  I don't know if you know this, but twins are a lot of work!  Well worth it, but a lot of work.

Here are a few of my reflections this week:
+  I am so thankful for friends who bring over meals.  (SO thankful)  (SO THANKFUL!!!)
+  Sometimes I feel like I will never sleep again, but I know I will...eventually.
+  Showers are a luxury.
+  I miss my husband.  I see him all the time, but I miss actually getting to talk to him about anything other than time-outs, poo, and bottle parts.
+  I truly appreciate those who have come to our rescue to help us make this transition to a family of 5.
+  Sometimes medication helps more than you know :)
+  There is nothing like having twins to remind you of your frailty.

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Nicole MacIver Okiring said...

You are my hero! What a HUGE transformation you have all gone through! The friends I live with have 7 yr old twin girls and they say it does get easier. :)