Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Thoughts on Twins - Part 2

A few months back, in honor of my friends Jeff and Jaime McQuaid, who have twins, I posted some thoughts on being a parent of twins. Today I will continue my thoughts in bullet points.

  • T-Bone (Theodore) is starting to walk on his own. He is still a little unsure of himself but is getting the hang of it. Beck is still only walking when he can hold on to objects. However, Beck crawled first and T-Bone did not crawl for several weeks after Beck started. When Beck would crawl from a room, T-Bone would be stuck there all alone and look very sad. Only with twins do you notice the little changes since they are contrasted to each other.
  • When the twins became mobile, life got much more difficult. The bathroom became the most challenging room in the house. They consider it to be a place of joy and wonder. We have to constantly keep the door closed or T-Bone will unravel the toilet paper or splash his little hands in the toilet. Beck likes to do those things too, but does not seem to enjoy it as much as T-Bone. The hardest part is getting both of them out of the bathroom since they can crawl so fast. So you have to grab one and carry him to the hallway and try to grab the other and get him out before the first one crawls back in. They seem to have worked out a system between them that makes it tough to get them out of the bathroom.
  • Meals are also a challenge. Instead of one child pitching his food on to the floor, there are two. Their seats are next to each other and if one starts throwing food, we'll take it away and give it to the other. However, the first one can often just grab the food from his brother tray and pitch that on to the floor. There is a huge mess after every meal. I will not miss that part of this stage of their lives. 
  • They are so cute and cuddly and I know that they will not be this size for long so I try to hold them as much as possible. The problem is that once you pick one up, the other also wants up. When the one on the floor holds his little arms up to me but I can't pick him up since I am holding his brother, my heart snaps right in half. My solution to this problem is to sit on the living room floor and let them mob me. I can cuddle both at once that way. There is nothing quite like cuddling two babies at once.
  • Their personalities are starting to show up. At night, when we put them to bed, Beck will grab his lovey, stick his thumb in his mouth and look content while T-Bone tries to find ways out of his crib. It looks like Beck is saying "finally! Some time alone." While T-Bone is upset because stuff is going on in the rest of the house and he is missing it. 
  • These little boys are a lot of work but we would not trade them for the world. Every day we thank God for trusting us with these precious babies. 
I'll take more!

It took a while to get them clean again.

We could not leave Jackson out.

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