Tuesday, July 03, 2012

branching out

Well, the time has come for me to branch out and start my very own blog.  One that is all about me rather then those cute little boys that always follow me around.  For realz, where did they come from?  And why am I so tired all the time.....?

Seriously though, I have started a new blog, one where I can focus a little more on the new direction God is guiding me in and leave a little more breathing room for Tim to write about the Broncos and the littles.  :)

Don't worry, it's an amiable farewell.  I will still check in from time to time, I'll just be a "guest blogger" from now on!  Hard to believe we have been using this blog for so long.  You would have thought we'd be more proficient now.....no such luck.  I think I need a web class, but I digress.

Come on over and check it out!!!   www.heidichase.blogspot.com 

Hopefully there is room in your web surfing for both of us :)

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