Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Batman Moment

A couple weeks ago I (Tim) was running along the Midtown Greenway, as I often do, and I had a Batman moment. I think that many people have these, but call them something else. My sister, Sally, calls it a "Mama bear" moment. Anyway, as I was running I saw a man cruising the Greenway who I have seen several times before. He was in a motorized wheelchair and I believe he has cerebral palsy. Most likely he has a fine mind stuck in an uncooperative body. He struck me as being very vulnerable to anyone that wanted to take advantage of him. In the moment of that realization, I felt like Batman. I decided that while I am near him on the Greenway, nobody was going to mess with him. I would be his unknown protector. Of course, I could not just follow him around forever, so I had to let him go when I reached the street that would take me home. I took a final look up and down the Greenway to make sure that nobody suspisious was lurking about and headed home.

Have any of you had a moment like that? Let me know what you think.

Also, the movie, Batman Begins, is excellent. If you have not seen it, you should check it out. Leave the kids at home, though.


Pat K said...

I had a moment like that the other day watching a blind man cross Universoty Avenue at Lexington. That's a killer intersection even when you can see.

I was turning left and I stopped my car so he could get all the way through the crosswalk before I went, in case the peopel behind me didn;t see. I wanted to tell him to tack a little to the right, but I couldn't get my window down.

Batman Begins is incredible. I'm trying to get Jane to go out with me to see it once it gets to the cheap theater.

Unknown said...

It will be at the Yorktown cheap seats this Friday :)

Anonymous said...

I have heard a variety of comments used to refer to such moments. I like to think of them as being someone's Guardian Angel. (When I saw someone in need of help I use to think to myself, I'll be your Batman...but I stopped thinking that because it sounds gay)

There is something defining in those moments. Something beautiful about watching over someone who is helpless or vulnerable. There is a certain amount of tenderness, care, or love that is expressed through a vigil eye. I think it is one of the most sublime expressions of love or selflessness one can perform.


Unknown said...

Duane, I can't believe you used the word gay like that. How un-PC.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like I popped up on someone's un-pc dar!!!

Oh no!