Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Wonderful World of Aldi

Aldi, a discount grocery store that is sweeping the nation has recently moved into S. Mpls. It is a cultural experience to go there - always full of surprises, but we love it. I now buy most of our food there. You never know what to expect and you need to be prepared with your quarter (to rent a cart) and they only take cash. Produce is usually a little sketchy, but it's the best deal in town for ground turkey and tortillas. Sadly, since they don't carry black beans I am still forced to visit other food suppliers.

Last week and on our way out we noticed the an asian women who had been in line in front of us leaving on her bike. Not an unusual occurrence to see folks biking their groceries home, since we do, after all, live in liberal, environment friendly South Mpls. However, her husband was operating the bike, a small bike at that, the groceries were hanging precariously on both handle bars and she was indeed sitting "side-saddle" on the bar between the seat and handle bars. Her husband was carefully pedaling his oversized load home on the sidewalk. Swerving a bit I might add. I tell you what, living in the city, you just never know what to expect. We felt like we were in Thailand again!! It was crazy. You gotta love Aldi! (They even have .25 cherry pies...yum, yum, yum)


Pat K said...

Yup - they're putting one in at University and Lexington. At the risk of sounding like the curmudgeonly, conservative capitalist that I am, I have to say that I'm not looking forward to getting a great deal on ground turkey, when we could have had a Home Depot in that spot. But better minds than mine (like Drew's) would have to explain how an Aldi's is preferable to a Home Depot.

Am said...

I saw an Aldi somewhere before I left and I had to chuckle, it will always make me think of you. Maybe it was in Richfield, which surprised me.
People should get baskets for their bikes to put their groceries in! And little seats on the back. I always laugh here when I see an old man driving the bike while his little wife sits on the back and holds on for dear life!