Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When God closes the doors AND windows, He opens the rooftop. I just hope it's not raining.

I think that's the longest title of all time.

I heard back from the job I REALLY wanted and it's gone. As in they aren't hiring anyone for budget reasons. That's the 2nd job I interviewed for to dissappear in that way in a week. So sad. Today has been kind of a bummer b/c of that. I must say, I am struggling to remain optimistic and full of faith. Back to square one. I even felt good about that one! If anyone has words of encouragement to share, now would be a good time.


Anonymous said...

I was a door to door salesman one summer. I would knock on 30 - 60 doors a day to get an average of 2 to 3 sales. Sales is a numbers game. For every 9 customers who slam the door in my face or curse me out or were rude to me there was one who would listen to me and buy my product. I remember there were quite a few afternoons where after 10-15 or so houses had said no or kicked me off their porch I would sit in the middle of the neighborhood starring at the those houses and just get depressed. A few times I cried. But the kicker always was, I had only knocked on half the doors on that street. And out of the next 10 or so I was bound to get a yes maybe a few yeses, someone was bound to buy if I kept knocking on doors. After all those doors getting slammed on me I was afraid to knock on another door but if I wanted a sale, I had to walk to the next house on the block and knock on the door.

Long story but fun to share. I hope you are able to find it in yourself to keep applying and keep believing there is a job out there for you.


Unknown said...

thanks d-ski, you're a pal!!

Miranda said...

It took me over a month to find a job here. Then I took one that I didn't really want just so I'd have an income, and ended up staying about 4 months. Then I took my current job and now I'm getting a promotion and a raise! Oh, and the 4 month job led to an ongoing part-time gig as web designer, which is what I really love. So, cheer up, there's hope. It just might take a while and it might not seem ideal. :) God provides. Always has, always will.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a pal, I'm

God has a job for you. Keep praying, keep applying, keep focusing on him and you will find it.