Thursday, June 29, 2006

ghetto barbeque

Got plans next Saturday night, the 8th? Well if not, we would love to have you at our very first ghetto barbeque! We scored a charcoal grill/wood burning stove at Patrick's benefit last weekend, as well as a nifty Magic Bullet (as seen on TV), so we're having a little BBQ. If we can find some wood to burn it may even morph into a bonfire at some point in the evening as well. We are going to set up in our cement driveway, aka the "patio." BYOM (bring your own meat) and something to share. And bring chairs if you have them, we only have 3 I think. No need to RSVP. Hope to see you there! Let's say 7pm or so!


Kari Smith said...

The roomies and I wouldn't miss it! We need to have another grillin' and gamin' night soon out on our that we got new furniture!

See you Saturday if not before!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there!
--Tim's big sis in Indiana