Monday, June 05, 2006

A camping weekend

Heidi and I enjoyed our first solo camping trip this weekend. We went to St. Croix State Park, north of the Twin Cities and next to the WI border. The weather was awesome and we enjoyed hiking along the river, biking on the paved trails, and sitting by the fire. Both mornings I got up and went running on the trails through the woods. (I was really glad I did not encounter a bear. This city kid isn’t used to stuff like that.) We got to relax, eat good food, and sleep without the sounds of the city. I can’t wait until we get to go again. I am so glad that my sweet wife loves camping, and I am also glad that we camp so well together. I sure do love my wife.

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Anonymous said...

Pooh, I sure do love that you two are interested in camping. I really see that as a great bonding activity for us and our families. I look forward to many years of camping with you and your sweet wife. Well, not so sweet smelling after a few days out in the woods... I hope you are smiling, Heidi!! Love you two, Cow