Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tim's thoughts on redemption

Redemption is a powerful concept. The idea that something that is bad or evil or something that has been lost could be redeemed blows my mind. Obviously the greatest story of redemption of all time is Jesus’ death and resurrection. Nothing can compete with the fact of a world that is saved through His redemptive act. However, I do believe that God gives us everyday examples of redemption as a reminder of what He did. The medium of film can communicate redemption in a unique way. Here are some of the films that stand out to me as redemptive: (and reasons why)
- The Shawshank Redemption – an incredible movie, heck, redemption is even in the title
- Saving Private Ryan – they risked (and gave) their lives for someone they did not know
- Napoleon Dynamite – the school dork commits a self-less (and funny) act for a friend
- The Mighty – his best friend shows an awkward kid his potential
- Schindler’s List – a selfish man saves thousands in the Holocaust
I got to thinking about this after watching Jarhead, a film with no redemptive value. It is not that I think that all films need a happy ending, but I do not like films that are needlessly hopeless.

Please leave a comment on your favorite redemptive films.


Anonymous said...

Redemption is a theme in every movie to a certain degree, there is always some character who is acting in a redemptive manner or fashion. I once heard a film critic make that comment and ever since, every movie I watch I look for the redemptive theme (Okay there no redemptive theme/value in slasher & horror movies, the movie about Jerry Spring, some movies based off real life and Quentin Tarantino movies but aside from that...).

In many movies it is vague or hard to see but one of my favorites is Bad Santa. The main character is totally dispicable and if you can stomach the movie you think I'm crazy for writing that but in the end he does work for some good by attempting to get a present to a little kid & coperating with the police (very end). I love that movie because how God awful Billy Bob Thornton's character was...and yet he could be turned around to commit good acts or aleast have good intentions. To me is a reminder of God's love, it can reach anyone...anyone no matter how far they have gone or what they have done can be changed.

(Those of you who have seen the movie know God is no where to be seen in that movie and it would improve the movie greatly but that isn't what I'm refering to. It is the idea...the principle of someone having their heart & soul changed which we know comes from God)

Anonymous said...

I personally love the star trek movies. They REDEEM everything. Nuclear war, man's search for meaning, love, suspense and the lack of good sci-fi entertainment for the last 5,000 years. I do alot of the redeeming, because I CAN!

William Shatner