Tuesday, November 14, 2006

An ugly win is still a win

- The Broncos sure did have an ugly win on Sunday. My friends who are Vikings fans reminded me that they would be ecstatic to have any ugly win sometime soon. Perspective is everything.
- Bethel University, my alma mater, did pretty well in Cross Country this year. The men finished 10th at the Regional meet, with their top guy making nationals. That is way better than when I was on the team. Bethel’s football team beat St. John’s in Collegeville for the first time ever. They won the MIAC and earned a trip to the NCAA DIII tournament. Couldn’t happen to a nicer coach.
- As far as we can tell, the support raising process is going well. This keeps us busy, but it is fun to see people.
- Thanksgiving is coming and that means food, family, and football. Life is good.
- Heidi looked extra cute when I left for work this morning. She always does, though, so it was no surprise.

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