Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back to the blog

It has been quite some time since I have posted. I have been temping and I got a full time assignment about a month ago and haven't blogged since. Well, I'm back!! The assignment is now over so I have a lot more time to blog. I was working at MyTana, a manufacturing company in St. Paul that makes equipment for sewer cleaning, like cable machines, cameras, jetter hoses, leak detectors, etc. I know all about it now! Ask me anything!! It was a pretty crazy job, I had some unique conversations with plumbers of all varieties to put it mildly.

So yesterday was my last day and boy did I get a wonderful send-off. My boss came to tell me at about 10:30 that it was going to be my last day and for the next 20 minutes everyone huddled around my desk to say goodbye, wish me well in Africa and say they would miss me while I packed up my desk. They even gave me a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant! I was a temp! Crazy sweet of them. They also loaded me up with MyTana gear.....

In case you can't see that real well, the t-shirts say: "show that turd who's boss!" and "nice pipes!" A little plumber humor for ya. And then there's 2 hats as well. It was a really interesting place to work, the highlight was definitely the people. I am really going to miss them! Thanks MyTana!!

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