Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Settlers tourney

Over the weekend, starting Friday night with two and ending Sunday with one game, Tim and I fit in 5 games of Settlers whenever we could and I am pleased to say that I crushed him 4-1. If you know how much Tim has played this game in the past 10 years, then you know what an accomplishment this is! He always tells people that his social life before he met me was pretty much comprised of playing Settlers with his buddies. And he was even playing pretty hardcore in this quest to beat me. It was fun. Well, it was probably more fun for me. I figure it's a compliment to him. With how much he has played, it's only right for his wife to know how to as well. :)


Dan said...

you two need to get a life. Honestly now Ellen and I are high enough class to play skip-bo and the train game.

P.S. We miss you

amanda said...

If only the Leberts had been there - it would have been a different story... we miss playing board games with you!