Monday, March 10, 2008

Tim's male bonding weekend

The Man Night on Friday was fun. We started with board games and moved on to Diaper Wars once the group using the Fellowship Hall left. Since there were six of us for Diaper Wars we did not have subs and played for over two hours without much of a break. In particular, I enjoyed the one on one game where the winner got to stay put and the other players cycled through. On Saturday I was really sore. In fact, I am still sore. It was worth it. Special thanks to Nicolas for opening the church for us. Robbie, Chris, Jer, Jimmie, and I had a great time.

On Sunday, the male bonding continued when Grant and Mark came over for a game of Axis and Allies: Europe. It is a board game where players assume the role of the countries involved in WWII and use the resources and weapons to defeat the other players. Grant played Germany, Mark played Russia, and I played England and the USA. The game is set so that when equal players match up, the Allies usually win. Grant played a masterful game and it looked like he might get the win when he made one crucial mistake and Mark destroyed his entire air force in one battle. At that point, the game was impossible for Grant to win and he conceded defeat. Heidi could not understand the draw to a game that took about seven hours to play, but we sure did have fun.

Heidi enjoyed seeing her friend Am this weekend and hanging out with girls from church on Sunday and I enjoyed my male bonding weekend, but my favorite activity is still anything that involves my Sweet Baboo. Spending time with Heidi is still my favorite pastime.

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Duane T said...

Male bonding is sweet!!!!

Diaper wars are sweeter!!!!!!