Saturday, September 06, 2008

Senegal Pictures

Well, still no luck recovering our pictures from the camera. So sad! We will keep trying, but it doesn't seem too promising at this point. The day our team went to the village, we took some team pictures of everyone in our colorful clothes. These aren't of the whole team, but you can see us in our booboo and haftan! I'm in the booboo, Tim's in the haftan.

Here we are with Joe and Cara
The women from our team.
Cara in back, Deb and I in middle and Iris in front. Great ladies!
One night in Dakar, we went to a touristy area and had dinner on a point overlooking the ocean. This is the western-most point of Africa. We were as close to home as we an get and still be in Senegal. It was breathtakingly beautiful!
Right in front of restaurant.

Hopefully more pictures to come.....hopefully.

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