Friday, January 09, 2009

Did we catch everyone?

For anyone that has missed the details on our sweet little boy, I am copying the notice I posted on our facebook pages to give a little summary of our weekend:

A few of you have asked why we are here (Children's Hospital) and we haven't gotten to notify everyone yet. Early Friday morning Jackson had a fever of 102.6 so we took him to the ER at about 5am. He didn't have the fever anymore when we got there, but they did a full sepsis work-up with blood work, urine sample and a spinal tap. It was pretty brutal to witness, we had to leave the room for the spinal tap. We had only had him home about 36 hours from Abbott before we were re-admitted to Children's for about 4 days :) Not a great way to start off parenthood, but we are managing ok now. That last couple days have been pretty rough, but God has been gracious to us and Jackson is in good health. We go home today, Monday, and look forward to going back to basics and establishing a family routine that does NOT include hospitals. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us, we REALLY appreciate it. God is good.

*I keep forgetting to mention what was the matter with our little guy since the tests were negative. Basically, we got some really bad nursing advice at the hospital and he ended up severely dehydrated with a fever. Since we didn't really know what to look for with the dehydration, it got pretty bad pretty fast. But now he is eating like a champ! I am biased of course, but he is also pretty darn cute. One of these days we will fix our camera and you can all see it for yourself :)

I know I keep saying this, but more pictures coming soon, either tonight or tomorrow and our computer is getting fixed this weekend, yay!

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Sarah said...

Wow, what was the bad advice the nurse gave you? I'm very curious and would like to avoid the same thing!
Also, looking forward to more cute pictures!!