Friday, January 16, 2009

"Everything changes now" and other thoughts

A few days after Jackson was born, I (Tim) talked to some friends and they all said “everything changes now.” I knew things would change with a baby but I did not really understand it. Slowly but surely I am beginning to comprehend. I must clarify that these changes are good. There is a sense of responsibility and a depth of love that seem at times to overwhelm me. The absolute, gigantic responsibility to take care of a completely helpless human being is sobering and humbling but, most of all, exciting. I picture myself with an adult Jackson who loves God and is well liked by the people in his life and I can think of no greater accomplishment. Winning a Super Bowl for the Broncos could not compare in any way to raising Jackson from cute baby to strong man. Also, I have loved my family, friends, and the Heidster, (and my cat, Sinbad, in my youth) but the love of a father for his son is altogether different. Even though I have only known the little guy for less than 3 weeks, I love him so much. What a tremendous gift from God Heidi and I have received. We are so grateful.

Last night Heidi and I took Jackson and had dinner to celebrate our 4th anniversary. The last four years have been great and love the Heidster more now than 4 years ago. We had a great dinner and enjoyed our time as a family. I think Jackson was eyeing my shrimp but he had to settle more milk. Poor kid.

Alas, this will probably be my last football post for a while. In case you missed it, my Denver Broncos completed the most humiliating collapse in NFL history by losing three straight games at the end of the season and missing the playoffs. That included a 52-21 drubbing by San Diego the last game of the season. The Broncos coach was promptly fired and soon replaced by a 32 year old prodigy who will hopefully lead my team to glory. The defense will be completely rebuilt, which is good since it was one of the worst defenses in the league last year and set an NFL record for least amount of takeaways in a season. There is no where to go but up on defense. Even if they are in the middle of the pack next year, it will be a huge improvement. In an earlier blog post I said I would use my Elway jersey as toilet paper if the Broncos lost. I decided to instead just not wear it for a while. The pain is just too great. My fellow football fans understand.

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