Wednesday, September 09, 2009

double coupon day?!?!?!

I thought that double coupon days were a thing of the past, like Tab and Deloreans, but I was wrong. I am ALWAYS looking for a new edge at savng money and much to my joy, double coupon days are alive and well at Rainbow Foods around the metro area! Hip, hip, hooray for hump day! I saved a bunch of money and then hit up the Rogers farmer's market for some sweet deals on fresh veggies, yum-o. Couple that with Goodwill and Aldi and I am a money-saving machine. It really gives me a thrill, in case you can't tell... :P

On another note, I have been exerting a half-hearted effort at losing the rest of my baby weight. Some days I try...and others I don't. It's not a method I recommend! It's working, but VERY slowly. Anyway, today I was really trying and was doing a great job....until....Tim. We were at the farmer's market, I was looking at some tasty squash, and I turned to Tim, only he wasn't there anymore. So start to look around for him only to discover he has somehow made it aaaaalllllll the way down to the other side of the lot near the, go figure, ice cream truck. Hmph. This does not bode well for my diet, I think to myself. As I walk down there, I see the ice cream man handing Tim spoon after spoon of samples. This story ends with us sharing a small cup of delicious maple lusciousness, so I will spare you the details. I did, however, eat lots and lots of veggies today :)

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Veronica said...

Ice cream counts as dairy. Dairy is on the food pyramid, (or whatever the shape is now). I think you're good :)