Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Job search

I (Tim) am in the midst of searching for a job. It's not an enjoyable process and it is certainly a slow one. Most days I spend a couple hours searching job sites and applying for the jobs that look interesting. I am amazed by how everything happens through the internet now and how you do not interact with human beings until the interview stage (which is usually preceded by a phone interview) of the hiring process. There are several kinds of jobs that I would enjoy. Any kind of parachurch ministry would be great. Heidi and I love our church and are not interested in a church job since it would take us away from there. I am also looking at social service jobs and HR, mostly in staff recruiting. There have been some great leads but no interviews yet. The rejection letters and emails get a little discouraging but I am in a good place of trust.

In the last couple months I read the first five books of the Bible in my personal devotion time. In this time of transition I feel like the Israelites after they escaped from Egypt. Their job was to trust God and worship Him. He pretty much took care of the rest. He gave them food, directions, and gave them a tangible means to know He did not leave them. All they had to do was look and see the pillar of fire or smoke and know that God was watching out for them. Yet still, they rejected Him. I feel like my task now is to keep looking for a job and to trust God to take care of us. So far I have not made any golden calves or prostituted myself to Baal, so that's good. Heidi and I do appreciate your prayers in this. I'll keep the Blog updated when there is any movement in the job front.


Joanna said...

Yes, do not prostitute yourself to Baal. That is a good first start. We'll be praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

I hear Saturn is hiring...oh, wait...nevermind. :)

A job will come, my friend.