Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sweet victory

Trader Joe's had a cereal for a while that was lovely. It was called Trader Joe's chocolatey filled, whole grain cereal squares and it was wonderful.....until they discontinued it. Sad day. Well, today I went treasure hunting at Goodwill with my sister in law, Ellen, and we found many treasuer for $1.50 - good day. Then we stopped at Aldi. I was overjoyed to discover that Aldi now carries an even cheaper version of this fabulous cereal!!! Happy day! And it is delicious! Yay for Aldi! You have won my heart yet again.


Brian said...

Hi Guys, Brian here. Keeping in touch via your blog and am so impressed with how you guys are walking on thin air these days! I'm reminded again that this is a seed you've buried, not a corpse... and that raising up a prophetic generation over there means receiving prophetic/apostolic impartation and being activated in it. God's going to open doors to people/places where it will all start.

Unknown said...

thanks, Brian, I REALLY needed to hear that today. God is good.