Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Job search update and a couple pictures

Since my last post I have a coupe updates on my job search. A week ago today I interviewed to be a substitute teacher at a small Christian school about 15 minutes from Rogers. The woman liked me and now I am waiting for the paper work to be completed. If I can get a day or two a week, that would help offset some of our costs in the short term. On Thursday I had an interview for a full time job with Volunteers of America at their affordable housing complex in downtown Mpls. I am supposed to find out at the end of this week if they have chosen me. It's not my first choice but I think I would like it.

Jackson got to enjoy his first few Broncos games in his Brandon Marshall jersey. (Thanks Kyle and Mandy!) He is a lucky football fan. His team has not lost yet. Against all expectations, the Broncos are 4-0. Go Broncos!

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