Monday, March 13, 2006

Snow Day!

Living in Minnesota with the brutal winter normally have, you would think there would be the occasional snow day. We have not had one in years. Today we finally got one. At least I (Tim) did. I woke to about 8 inches of wet snow covering my car and everything else. Heidi had gone to work a couple hours earlier. So I called the office several times and there was no message about the office being closed. After cleaning off my car, I ventured onto the extra slow freeway and somehow made it to the office without incident. Upon entering, the first person I saw informed me that the office was indeed closed. (Information that would have been helpful earlier.) I headed back out to my car and made my way carefully to Starbucks to see my wonderful, beautiful wife. When I walked in she had just started her half hour break. We hung out during her break, then I settled in with a coffee and did my perspectives homework. On the way home I swung by the McDonald's Redbox to return Walk the Line and pick up a couple more movies. Heidi came home and is taking a nap now. I already watched The Longest Yard and tonight we'll watch The Island. We plan to hit the Y for a little exercise as well. What a great day. There are real benefits to living in the great white north.


Anonymous said...

I had the day off due to a sprained ankle that I decided to run on across a parking lot and reinjure. On my day off I watched Four Brothers & Murderball, took a neighbor to the post office, gased up my car, bought a stronger support sock for the ankle, and ate cake & sandwhich meat all day.

Those are the benefits of living in colorful COLORADO baby!


Unknown said...

cake and sandwich meat, what a combo? i like cake and Tim likes meat.

it wasn't your sister's cake was it???

Anonymous said...

It was left over cake from dinner at a friends...

we still laugh about my sister's wedding cake...LOL...I haven't wedding cake in a long time!!! I don't think my sister will ever let me get near wedding cake!!