Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Too small?

So I'm checking out at Super Target this afternoon and the checker, in her thick Indian accent (always funny), comments on the good deal I found in a sweater for $3.75. I respond with "yea, it was such a good deal that I didn't even try it on!" She says, "what size did you get?" I answer "a small." She says "oh?" and she looks me over and says, "you might need a medium."

What?! I don't believe I asked her for her oppinion on that matter! Well, miss checker-lady, it's fits just fine, thank you very little!

So next time you're at Target be careful what you converse about with the checker b/c they just may subtely call you fat! Or at least fatter that you think you are!


Miranda said...

I talked to a customer service lady on the phone today who was from India. She was very chatty too, wondering what time it was in Wyoming and what the weather was like and what I do after work and stuff like that. It was fun. She didn't say anything insulting, though, so I didn't mind.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind they are professionals and they are just giving you their opinion! Don't take it personally...and remember you can always use "THAT'S NOT WHAT MY COUSIN SUZY SAYS!!" as a comeback if you feel perturbed.