Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Keep your hands where I can see 'em

Last night as I came home from church I pulled into the alley and a cop car was blocking the way into our driveway. Not really what I expected to see. I quickly realized that nothing was wrong concerning Tim or our tenants, but apparently the two suspects had pulled into our driveway with the cops hot on their trail. Tim was out working in the yard and actually had to duck under the outdoor stairs b/c the police had their guns pulled! The suspects were between Tim and the police right in our yard! Crazy. Nothing "exciting" was going on by the time I got home, so I went inside. Another day in the Phillips neighborhood I guess!


Am said...

You're neighborhood is crazy! Just yesterday I was telling people that America really isn't that dangerous and what you see in the movies is just an image. I guess I was wrong!

Miranda said...

Yikes. Don't die, ok?

Anonymous said...

Wow that is crazy! Good thing Tim has been running again so if he needed to jet he could have ran like the wind! Later. Matty D