Thursday, May 04, 2006


Let me just say that I (Heidi) am very thankful that our bodies forget what pain feels like. Someday this pain will be nothing but a vague memory and a reminder of God's goodness!

It has been ages since I've blogged and I wanted the world to know that I am still alive. We have been so busy with finishing up with our Perspectives class and I haven't had time to do things like clean or shave my legs, let alone blog! But here I am, taking a break from cleaning the house to say hello.

Some news: my brother got engaged a few weeks ago and we are so excited for them! Ellen will be a great addition to the family! We are having a little engagement party for them tomorrow night. Also, Tim and I were trying to plan a trip to Las Vegas (weird I know) but no one wanted to come with us, so we decided to wait and maybe try to go somewhere else next year. After all the talk about vacationing with another couple, or two, we opted to wait until it would work out better. The more the merrier! So if anyone has any good ideas, let us know. And last but not least, my good friend Roni is bursting with child and due any day now and I am THRILLED to be aunt Heidi once again. Yay baby Sheck! I would post pics of my cute prego friend, but unfortunately that could take me all afternoon and I don't have that kind of time! Maybe once the kiddo is born I can.

That's all, have a great day.

Oh, I almost forgot, if you could keep me in your prayers I would love you for it, it's been a rough week. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Vegas Here We Come! Wow this is crazy. Laura and myself are playing a trip to Vegas with some friends this October or November. The best part about the trip is we are going to watch the UFC! I can imagine it now...Heidi with a front row seat to the show watching two guys in a cage bashing each others face in. You in?

Unknown said...

I will speak for Heidi on this one. We are so there!