Thursday, December 14, 2006


The two years that I spent working at Rawhide Boy’s Ranch were valuable for many reasons. One of the important lessons I learned while working there was the importance of fathers. The boys at the ranch were all juvenile offenders and every single one, without exception, had fathers who were absent either physically or emotionally. In American society as a whole, there are men who sire children, but few fathers.

I have been thinking about this since two of my good friends have become first time fathers recently. Noah Orton Schurr was born to Matt and Denise last month and Glorie Claire Herder was born to Peter and Elizabeth last week. (Props go to Denise and Elizabeth for doing the hard part.) I am comforted to know that these children will grow up with fathers who will love them and nurture them. These children are in good hands.

My father (and mother, too) was there for me while I was growing up and I am grateful. God made the family to rely on both parents and we can see what happens when that system is broken down. Kudos to fathers!

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Anonymous said...

In my seventh grade classroom, I can almost point out, kid for kid, who has a father involved and who doesn't. There are the rare exceptions, of course. I, too, am grateful for the love from our parents when I see the pain so many people endure. One of my students this year was adopted at a young age only to lose his mother to cancer. His adoptive father remarried and then a couple of years ago was killed in a car accident. He is only 12 and is with his 3rd mother. We have a lot to be thankful for! --Sally