Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A foggy, wet Tuesday

Heidi and I had a good time in Colorado, but the trip was too quick. It was nice to see family again. The Navigator’s HQ, Glen Eyrie, is like Rivendell at Christmas time. Beautiful. We got to spend some time with our future teammates in Senegal. Both of us enjoy the people of Mission: Moving Mountains, especially our team. We are excited to get to Africa!

The Broncos have gone from one of the elite teams in the NFL to a middle of the road team that is weak in all phases of the game. To make the playoffs, the Broncos have to win all three remaining games. They’ll have to play better than they did on Sunday.

Our support raising is going well, as far as we know. We are grateful for the support we have received thus far. We are kept pretty busy with appointments, but it is fun.

I am confident that I found a Christmas gift for Heidi that she will love. I accidentally found out what she was getting me but I am excited about it. It was a good choice. I sure do love my sweet baboo!

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