Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Here we go a caroling. . .

Last Thursday Heidi and I went with the Lost and Found (young adults) group at church to go Christmas caroling. What a blast. There were ten of us that sang at a nursing home in St. Paul. A few of the residents seemed to really enjoy our singing and the staff assured us that the others did as well. After we finished at the nursing home we headed over to sing for Paul and Cara who were sick and could not join us. They gave us candy. We finished the evening at Emily, Brenda, and Candace’s apt with refreshments and a White Elephant gift exchange. Heidi and I scored the two best gifts. It was a great evening.

The Broncos finally won a game on Sunday. They put a butt kicking on the Arizona Cardinals. With that win and losses by the Bengals and Jaguars, the Broncos are back in the playoff mix. If the Broncos can win the next two games, both in Denver, they are in the playoffs. In related news, I failed to make the playoffs in all four fantasy football leagues.

I have been to the Mall of America three times since Thanksgiving. What a crazy place. MOA is great for people watching and walking around, terrible for anything else. The sheer volume of people is astounding.

My Sweet Baboo will be on a silent prayer retreat the next two nights. That means I will be back to living the Bachelor life for 48 hours. She made me a pan of lasagna so I do not either starve to death or spend all my money at Wendy’s. I will miss my sweetie while she is there, but I am glad she gets this experience.

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Anonymous said...

Tim...yeah thanks for not being good this year in fantasy so my team could make it to the finals. Won't be able to make it down for the game on Thurs. Have worship practice and the Salvation Army is kicking my butt right now. Tis the Season. Thanks for the invite and let me know when the next gathering is. Later. Matty D aka Maylene and the Sons of Disaster