Monday, January 08, 2007

long entry, bear with me!

It has been a while since I (Heidi) have posted except for pics. My folks are planning to check our blog tonight so I wanted to post for them. Hi Mom, hi Dad! Thanks for stopping by!

Anyway, things are pretty good, as Tim said, our holidays were good and very busy. I was happy to have xmas eve and xmas day off from work - was good to chill with the fam. As usual, Mom and Dad spoiled us with too many presents, but it was very fun to hang out, play with new "toys," try on new clothes, and wear fuzzy slippers all day :) My brother bought his fiance a sweet keyboard so she dazzled us with wonderful songs all day.

I was sad to miss a few friends that were here in the cities for the holidays, but hopefully my sadness with dissipate. :P

On a serious note, I wanted to share something that God has been speaking to me over the course of the last month. It started when we were in CO for a conference in early December. We had the privilege of meeting some amazing people with tremendous stories of God's faithfulness, care, and provision on the field. After we returned home, I continued to ponder some of these stories and they began to really affect me. One story in particular spoke powerfully to the provision of God in the midst of hard - really hard - circumstances. Thinking about this family and all that God carried them through brought me to thinking about other friends who have been dealing with hard trials lately, as well as what God has been taking Tim and I through in preparation for missions, as well as my personal trial of these headaches. I found myself asking the question: God, who are you? Who is this God that is SO good, so very, very good, yet allows his people to struggle so profoundly. I can't explain it, but the question lingered in my mind, Lord, who are you? As I have prayed about this over that past fews week, I am increasingly filled with awe as I consider how great my God is and how faithful He is.

During the worship time at church yesterday the word of the Lord came to me to answer this question. I was having a particularly difficult time entering in due to the pain, but as I worshiped God and thanked Him for the blessings in my life, He answered my question and said: I am the God who sustains his people.

Maybe that doesn't seem very powerful to you, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. Obviously, the Word says that very thing over and over again, but to hear it for myself from my Father in answer to my prayer during a very painful day was heavy. And to think of his answer in regard to friends who I know are struggling on a daily basis to remain faithful in the face of great trial was overwhelming. He is the God who sustains his people. I can tell you that He is the one who is sustaining me. And just when I think I cannot bear this trial anymore He gives me grace and fills my with strength b/c I hope in Him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Heidi, for that encouraging word! I love hearing how the Lord personally speaks to others along the journey. He is so faithful.
See ya soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my wonderful daughter, you bring tears to my eyes! I see strength and perseverance being developed in you as you wait on Him through this most difficult trial for our whole family. I have every confidence . . . Surely goodness & mercy . . . Love, Mom

Kari Smith said...

AMEN and AMEN! May we daily be reminded that we have a God who sustains us and not a God who promieses an easy life. I have remined of similar things in the last few weeks. As we are told in 2 Corinthians 4:8-9: "We are hard pressed on every side BUT NOT crushed; perplexed BUT NOT in despair; persecuted BUT NOT abandoned; struck down BUT NOT destroyed."

Lord, continue to remind of these truths when we feel like we can't take another step!

Kari Smith said...

sorry about all the typos in my previous comment! I guess proofreading before posting would be a good thing! ;)

Duane T said...

Wow that is very cool answer to prayer. Thanks for sharing!!!

I have been reading a book (Shattered Dreams) by Larry Crabb with similar themes. He explores those ideas from a variety of perspectives while going through the book of Ruth. I highly recommend it.