Friday, January 19, 2007

Update time

We got an $8,000 donation this week. That is somewhere around a quarter of the money we need to get to Africa. I had been a little down about the huge task of fundraising and feeling like it will take forever to get to Africa when this money suddenly came in. Lord, forgive me for having such small faith. Praise God for gifts from unexpected sources.

Heidi and I watched American Idol on Wednesday night for almost two hours. It was like a train wreck. We could not stop watching. The show was a parade of people, devoid of talent and style, making idiots of themselves on national television. I weep for our society. Heidi and I are now dumber for having watched it.

After dumbing ourselves down with American Idol, we braved the cold and headed out for a fundraising appointment. Our next couple hours were spent with Pat and Jane Khanke. Pat is the pastor that married us and he and Jane are great people. We were encouraged by their resilience in a hard time and the cool things that are happening in their church and in their own lives. I am still tired from going to bed after midnight that night, but it was worth it.

Tomorrow we are going sledding with the Lost N Found group at church. Should be fun. I love sledding. But not as much as I love Heidi.


Duane T said...

Dude, I was on the America Idol auditions. I thought I brought some class to the competition even though they rejected me.

El Presidante

Unknown said...

You could'a been a contender.


Anonymous said...

as stupid as it've got to admit..there's a strange and unexplainable addictive quality to and i have watched the last five seasons religiously...i'm not saying it's worth your time or intellectually stimulating in any way...but it is kind of fun...i'm thrilled to hear about your financial blessing...i'm so excited to see what God will do with you guys!...the play is going very well and i have auditions for the musical monday...woot...i love you both...have a lovely day...keep on truckin'!