Friday, September 14, 2007

The Big Apple

Our first day we wandered around the city most of the day checking things out. In the afternoon, we were sitting in Central Park, and suddenly Tim says, "hey, is that Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher over there?" Well, yes it was. 50 feet away, they were filming a scene for their new movie! It was fun to watch and we almost got to be extras. The darn papparazzi ruined it for everyone and when they wouldn't behave, they made everyone leave.Cameron and Ashton

We also saw Nikki Hilton earlier that day, but that was it for movie stars. All three on the first day. Well, 2 1/4 stars at least, who's Nikki Hilton anyway?

These are some of the friends we stayed with, Joe and Julia. They were terrific hosts!

Us and lady Liberty.

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Joe H. said...

wow - you guys are like. . . famous. hanging out with all those movie stars and stuff. hope your doing well - i shall try to call you soon!