Friday, September 28, 2007

Tim thinks out loud

Here is a link to an interesting article about Jon Kitna’s (Detroit Lions QB) Christian faith: Makes is hard to root against the Lions.

Last night we enjoyed a banquet for Mission: Moving Mountains. It was a fundraiser banquet, but also got people up to speed on the merger with the Navigators. Our pastor and some other friends from church came and we able to get a little better taste of what we will be doing. We are more excited than ever about going to Africa.

If you have not yet heard, we are living in our friends’ basement now. Our house has been rented to some missionaries from our church that came home unexpectedly and needed a place to stay. So far it has worked out fine for everyone. We do need our house to sell soon, so we appreciate your prayers in that regard.

This could be another bad football weekend. The Broncos match up poorly with the Colts, especially in Indy, and this could be a painful game. The poor Vikings look like they will get run over by the Brett Favre bandwagon in the Dome. All I can hope is that my injury depleted Fantasy Football team manages enough points to break Dan’s heart.

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Dan said...

Be Strong root against the Lions because they are the Lions. Go Pack!