Monday, September 24, 2007

The perfect storm of football badness

There have already been 3 games in the NFL and I have not blogged about football. It is time. This weekend was the perfect storm of football badness. The Broncos, after winning two close games, were playing at home against a mediocre team and got beat. They stunk it up on offense, defense, and special teams, leaving the Broncos nation smelling like a wet dog. Every time something good would happen, like a Brandon Marshall touchdown, soon after something bad would follow, like a Dominic Hixon fumble on a kickoff return. I fear that the Broncos are shaping up to be a 9-7, just missing the playoffs, kind of team. Compounding the football misery, the Vikings lost and the Raiders, Chiefs, and Packers all won. Also, in my Fantasy Football league, I got pounded by Robbie. I had Kevin Kurtis on the bench and he was worth 50 points, while all three of my starting wide receivers combined did not score 50 points. (I just noticed that every single player on my starting roster lost their game yesterday.) It could be a long season. At least Heidi still loves me.

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Dan said...

Go Pack. 4-0 It feels good to be a winner. Down with the Broncos