Friday, August 12, 2005

End of an era. . .

I am putting forth my first blog entry. This begins a season of many firsts for me. After of six years of working in the YouthWorks! Inc. office, I am moving on to new adventures. I love YW and would never change a thing about my time there, but after much prayer and conversations with trusted people, I felt it was time to try something new. I am excited that I am not going to travel any more and I can actually spend time with my wife. The process of finding a new job does not fill me with dread, instead I am excited to try something new. The eventual goal, of course, is for Heidi and I to serve the Lord overseas and I would love to find work that would support that goal. I will pray for patience.

The next couple weeks I am going to play some disc golf, run some trails, and ride my bike. More than that, I am excited to spend some time with the Lord and with Heidi. I hope to reconnect with some friends that I have not seen in a while. In the summer, I end up putting a lot on hold and now I want to pick things up again.

Life is exciting and I look forward to this next chapter. Maybe I'll have time for some yard work. . .

God bless you all.


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Duane said...

A job overseas sounds exciting! I wish you the best as you follow where God leads.