Monday, August 01, 2005

Fun New Toy

So I (we) have only had a blog for about 9 hours, but it's like having a fun new toy! Maybe it's just that my (Heidi) head is swelling with the idea that people will log on to read my thoughts regularly. Kind of a rush. For now anyway, I would imagine that it wears off.

Here's the latest breaking news on the job front: I finally got a job interview at Bethel University! Yay!! Still waiting to hear the verdict with the interview at St. Thomas as well as for a third at the Metro Agency on Aging. God is so faithful to us. We are just amazed at His continued provision and blessing. Please pray for all three of these opportunities and that God would open the right door(s).

On another note, we attended an AMAZING conference this weekend by Voice of the Martyrs called Enduring Faith and it was more than fantastic. The condition of the persecuted church around the world blows my mind and causes me to fall to my face in intercession for these dear brothers and sisters. Is there any other responce!? God is moving in miraculous ways as our brothers and sisters are clinging to Him and to His word. I only pray that my faith in Christ would have a fraction of the purity as that of my brothers and sisters as they are literally surrounded by their enemies. The comfort of our beds, the convenience of our cars, our access to resources... many things to be thankful for.

If you feel so called, please visit these websites to learn how you can support our international family:

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