Wednesday, August 03, 2005

grape flavored ice

Well, the interview at Bethel went well. They said I will be contacted for a second interview by early next week. Yay! It would be amazing to work there. After 9 months, I could take classes for free and finish up my M.Div. and after 2 years, so could Tim. Talk about good benefits!

Now that I can almost see the end of all my glorious free time, I no longer feel bad sleeping in and watching A Different World reruns in my pjs as I eat breakfast. Life is good. Paychecks are good too. Today my goal is to paint one of the walls in our living room a lovely earth color, aka brown. If I ever figure out how to post pics, I will do so.

Last night we went with some friends to the National Night Out celebration in our neighborhood to gorge ourselves on roasted corn, hot dogs, root beer floats, cotton candy, and snow cones. I even met Ronald McDonald. He said he'd see me at the family reunion....what?! Good times.

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Miranda said...

I always knew you were related to him. Red hair = total giveaway. The clown shoes and squeaky nose you wore to bed should've tipped me off too.