Tuesday, August 09, 2005

trials of faith

The rain this afternoon was a nice little repreive from the sticky heat. Although I can't really complain as I have been out at my parents place the last few days enjoying the comforts of the suburbs. Gosh, it was nice. Tim is in Denver. His last trip - hooray! I am no longer a "Youthworks widow" as of this Friday! No more giving up my husband every week for the greater good of Youthworks. I can't even begin to express how thrilled I am. YAY!!!! That's a start :)

Well, on the job front, there have been a few bumps on this journey. I did not get the job as a Volunteer Coordinator ( the job I really wanted ) and I did not get the job at St. Thomas ( that sounded really cool ). I had a second interview at Bethel which went fine. Truthfully, I don't know how excited I am about the job though. Fortunately, God has a plan for my life, one to prosper me and not to harm me. After shedding a few fat tears over the Vol. Coord. gig, I was reminded of a few encouraging verses in Isaiah and snapped out of my short-lived funk. Since I was home, Dad was able to contribute to the ammassing evidence that God does indeed have an amazing plan for Tim and I in the coming years - dads are good for that - and I went on my semi-merry way to Super Target to buy soymilk. (Another benefit of the suburbs.)

After further thought, as well as more enlightment from Dad (he's amazing!), I was able to see yet again the testing of my faith in this circumstance of job searching. I had complete faith yetsurday morning that God would provide for us. I just thought it would come in the way of one of those two jobs. I still have that same faith, even if things aren't going as I had hoped they would, b/c He keeps him in perfect peace, whose mind is steadfast on Him.

One of the songs we sang at church (www.bcfnations.org) on Sunday had a lyric that said: "Through good times and bad, You are still on the throne. You are God and you alone." Praise be to God.


Michelle said...


Do we know each other? Do you have red hair? I have a student in my Bible study that I think reminds me of you. If I have the right gal.

Unknown said...

yes, i do have red hair. and we were in a bible study together that met in the crusade house once upon a time. you shaved your head around that time as well if memory serves me.

fatherneo said...

Thanks for letting Tim do his thing with Youthworks! Those kids did so much to transform our little parish in Denver. My wife is the 'pastor's widow' and can relate.

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