Friday, December 02, 2005

Concert Review: Project 86 and P.O.D.

Last night I (Tim) wandered downtown to join Matty D and the infamous Cape brothers at Club 3 Degrees for a rock concert. And rock it did. The opening act was a local band called Silverline. I expected them to stink, but was pleasantly surprised. They played a short, tight set and I enjoyed them. Next up was Project 86. Wow. They are amazing. Andrew Schwab’s vocals were outstanding and the band was energetic. They tore through some classics, like “Stein’s Theme”, “Play On”, “The Spy Hunter”, and some new songs, like “Sincerely Icabod” and “Something We Can’t Be”. After only 45 minutes they left the stage while the crowd lamented the end of their set. Soon enough the chords of “Tribal” resounded through the Club and Sonny’s long ‘locks were flying everywhere. They played “Southtown”, “Satellite”, “Youth of the Nation”, and quite a few new songs before they ended their set with “Alive”. Sonny communicated a real sense of humility and gratitude to be performing and clearly enjoys what he does. They only played an hour, but they were great. I am glad I got to go. It was a great show.

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