Thursday, December 01, 2005


Heidi and I are getting excited for the Chronicles of Narnia, which will be in theaters December 9. We are inviting people to see it with us. So, if you are available on December 10 at around 7 pm, we are going to the Wynnsong Theater in Mounds View. Please let us know if you plan to join us so we can get you a ticket. It will almost certainly sell out beforehand. Please let us know by Wednesday of that week. We look forward to a great film and some fun fellowship.

Check out this 9 minute trailer for the film! 30141&displayTreeId=


Anonymous said...

Hey! You're going to be right by our house :) Bummer we have bowling that night b/c it would be fun to go with you guys - Jake is excited for the movie to come out too!

Unknown said...

oh sad - we are doomed never to have a movie night of any kind! we picked it in part b/c it's close to you guys. oh well!