Friday, December 16, 2005

Recapping the week

I (Heidi) was sitting in my psuedo-living room this afternoon thinking, journaling, and praying and it hit me that God really blessed us this week. We had a really REALLY rough night Sunday evening and not much sleep was had. Come to think of it, the entire weekend was really heavy for us emotionally and spiritually because of some incredibly disheartening news we received. But anyway, it's always hard to go into a new week with things weighing you down like that. I even called in sick on Monday because of the aftermath of the prior evening's pain. Thus began our week. As the week progressed though, God blessed us. Looking back on the week I can see answered prayers and much provision. We were also blessed with opportunities to fellowship with old friends and connect with new friends.

God cares about the little things, for instance the UPS package that you really need to come early. (Because we all know UPS is certainly never early - at least not in my experience!) God cares about us and our lives and He knows every detail. I know we read that all the time, assuming you read your Bible :) and we hear it in church from time to time, but sometimes, it's just really, really nice to see it. To see God intervene in a small way just to show that He hears us and He cares.

The older we get, the more hardship we see and experience, and the harder life seems to get. But the closer we draw to Jesus, the less we focus on the hardship b/c we can't turn our eyes away from Him. In the last week a dear friend of mine lost a friend to a bus accident in Nigeria (love you Nicole!!!!) and some dear friends of ours recently found out one of their beautiful adopted sons has HIV. This is some really hard, heady stuff to deal with. It's not fair and I don't understand it. But I know in my heart of hearts, that God is a good God and He desires GOOD things for us. I praise Him for the struggle that I am in b/c it has drawn me nearer to the thrown than I ever could have come without the trial. Has it been a long time? Yes. Too long? It sure feels that way. But I praise Him for the trial and I count it joy.

I know I am rambling on and on, but I wanted to share my heart with you for just a moment. This week I have been blessed by reminding myself that God knows. He knows. He knows everything and I am thankful for that. Know that He knows. And be blessed.


Nicole MacIver Okiring said...

About a week ago, someone in my little church had a word for me. It was "God knows." Maybe it is a word for all of us!

Thank you Heidi! Love you too!

Tell your friends I will pray for them and their son.

Unknown said...

thanks girl!