Friday, December 23, 2005

Friends are friends forever. . .

After Thanksgiving, Heidi and I were riding back to MN with my sister, Sally, and her husband, Kent, and their 2 attractive children. Our conversation turned to the impact that certain friends have had on our lives. Since then, I have been thinking about how my life is so much better because of several people’s presence in it. Two of them are people I have not seen in years. Drew Marcus moved to CA when I was 13, but he was a great friend. Marc Maez and I were friends from 7th grade through high school and his fearlessness led me leave our small private school to attend Aurora Central High School and try activities that I would have never tried without his encouragement. He helped me build my confidence by just who he is. Sadly, we lost contact a few years ago. Jess Rector is the most fiercely loyal friend I have ever known. He is the kind of guy who would take a bullet for you without a thought. His wife, Kristi, is my oldest friend and Heidi and I love visiting the Rectors in Loveland, CO. Duane Trantham is the funniest person I have ever known. If you need a laugh or a coconut, Duane will hook you up. He is the subject of the funniest pictures in our wedding. Last, but most importantly, is Chris Heng. The guy is more like a brother than a friend. He and I became friends when we were 7 years old and are still friends to this day. The contributions that he and his wife, Zong, made to Heidi and my wedding were incredible. (He also introduced me to her.) I am so blessed to have Chris for a friend.

For the sake of this entry, I am only mentioning friends from my childhood. My college and post-college friends will have to be the subject of another blog entry.

I am truly blessed and grateful for the wonderful people that the Lord put in my life.


Anonymous said...


My life is blessed from having you in it. I can't speak for Chris & Jess but I am sure they would agree knowing Tim Chase and his impact on our lives is one of the best gifts God could give.

Aside from Jesus, football, chocolate, video games, history, and whatever I fancy for a month (just a month, I have 29 day and under attention defficit disorder...needless to say high school & college were big struggles).

Happy Holidays & Thanks Man!!!

Jess, Kristi & Bohdan said...

Tim & Heidi,

I can not express what a blessing you were as a friend in high school. I do not have many friends and the ones I do have there is nothing I would not do for them. You are right Tim if I had to give my life for a friend I would not think twice about it. I am secure in my faith with God and that if die I will see all my friends again in heaven.
I am very lucky to know both you and Heidi and we enjoy your visits to and wish we could see you more often. The next time you guys come hopefully it will be warm enough to take you out on our new/used boat for some water skiing or just zipping around the lake.

Merry Christmas from Colorado/


C&Z Heng said...


Hey bro. You are the stuff, you know that right? Thanks for the kind comments, all of which, I must admit, are true. You're pretty sly for a white guy.

Chris and Zong (PS, I would take a bullet for you too, unless Jess was around. In which case, he said he'd be first... and being the gentleman that I am...)