Monday, December 12, 2005

Movie review: Narnia

Heidi and I went to see the new Narnia film with great expectation. We were not disappointed. While there were certain points when the special effects were less than perfect, it was still a great film. The acting was top notch and the story was adapted from the book fairly well. Every book ever turned into a movie has the problem that it never looks as good as it does in your mind, but Disney did a good job. I am particularly glad they did not turn it into a musical and remove all mothers from the story. (What does Disney have against mothers, anyway?) Also, my fears of the Christian allegory being removed or watered down were unrealized.

Heidi and I both give this film a high recommendation. It is well worth your time and money.

“He is not a tame lion, but He is good.” – my favorite line from the movie (and book)


Miranda said...

Kyle & I went and saw it this weekend also. We really liked it too. See you in a couple of days!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think I'd see it but I did (Since Disney has been denying the allegory to Christianity I wasn't going to see it. Why give money to a company that puts out the story but denies its message? Just because people want to see it and Disney hasn't had a hit money grossing movie in years...doesn't seem right to me but anyway...).

I was amazed by the story & special effects. I started to read the books but never got beyond page 10 or so. I was so impressed with the story now I want to read it!!!