Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Fair

For some reason I really like to talk about food from the State Fair. I went with some friends last Friday while Tim did some silly futbol thingy. And boy did I have some yummy food. First I have to say that the way to enjoy the MN State Fair is to resign yourself to spending a lot of $ and eating a lot of food that is really, REALLY bad for you. Once you get over that, which can be especially difficult for the ladies, then you will have a blast. And I did! I started off the evening with some mini-doughnuts and then moved on to some Dole whip. Marlyes got a pretzel and that was tasty too. At that point we were joined by 10 others friends and the food fun really began. We got a blooming onion, french fries, cheese curds and deep fried pickles. Later came the chocolate milk, cotton candy, lefsa, chocolate covered frozen bananas and more mini-doughnuts. Obviously I wasn't able to try everything, a stomach can only permanently hold so much, but I will say that the deep fried pickles were nothing short of amazing. I definately recommend them. Perhaps you can only eat one though. Tim and I are going on Saturday and I am looking forward to garlic fries and perhaps a deep fried candy bar. Afterall, the Fair only comes once a year!

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Miranda said...

Ok, you're not going to eat like that with me. Just warning you. I can't wait to hang out!!!!!

So, I've been thinking... if it's nice do you guys want to go to the zoo or something? I'm trying to think of fun Denver things. Have you been to the REI flagship store? That's fun. Maybe we can just find somewhere to hike or something. I'm super excited. SUPER.