Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A weekend at the Wilderness

Our weekend at the Wilderness Fellowship with friends from church was great. The weather was fantastic, the surroundings were beautiful, and the people were a blast. Some of my (Tim) personal highlights included the intense Bocce Ball game that ended in the woods, going running while Nick rode along on my bike, sitting by the fire and disclosing information about ourselves, swimming and diving off the old pontoon, and Sunday morning worship by the lake. While Matt, Nick, and I were swimming, we reverted back to being 12 year old boys by jumping over each other into the water, pushing each other off the pontoon, and doing Cannonballs. It was cool to see a group of people that did not really know each other come together in God’s creation. I felt like I had made a connection with everyone there and now can count them among my friends.

The people that came were Heidi and I, Matt and Sierra Hegstrom, Michael and Emily Sparling, Gretchen Chamberlain, Angela (Gretchen’s friend), Nick Culp (who just moved to MN and attended BCF once), Matthew Carlquist, Tiffany, and Marlyse. What a fun group of people.

Heidi and I are excited to take a more active role with the young adults at our church. We will have a kick-off after church on September 10. Tell your friends! The group is for both married and single people in their 20s and 30s.


Unknown said...

I will post the pictures I took on this trip soon!


Anonymous said...

The first thing I thought of when I saw Wilderness was the Blair Witch Project and what happened to Heidi when she was watching it. I can't remember exactly what happened so Heidi maybe you could refress my memory? I know it was funny. Hey Heidi you working at Starbucks on Friday? If you are I will stop buy around 9 but If you are not then I am going to Caribou. Later. Matty D

Unknown said...

I'm not telling that story - sorry. maybe on Friday though. I will be there 8-2 see you then buddy!

Anonymous said...

Opps sorry Heidi. Ended up going to the Corner Coffee House in Little Canada off of Rice and County C for coffee. Marci from work used to work there and her fiance was working today so she got hooked up with coffee. Will catch ya next time I head over to St. Paul. Later. Matty D

Unknown said...


the guy at the bank reminds me of you. his name is Timmy. a grown man named Timmy. weird.