Tuesday, August 22, 2006

update letter

Most of you received this letter by mail, or will shortly, but for those of you who read our blog and didn't, here's an update letter we just sent out:

Greetings Friends and Family!

We pray that your summer has been a great time of connecting with loved ones and enjoying God’s creation. We just wanted to send out a little update to catch you up on how we’re doing with the process of going out as missionaries with Mission: Moving Mountains (MMM).

As most of you know, we were accepted to go to West Africa as full-time missionaries with MMM (www.movingmountains.org). Since then we’ve plunged into an intensive schedule of training and preparation; in addition to daily life of course! Tim is still working at the National Marrow Donor Program and Heidi at Starbucks Coffee.

So far our training and preparation has included lots of reading and study guides (everything from marriage to agriculture!), participating in a rigorous mentorship program called Sonship, sponsored by World Harvest Mission, meeting regularly with MMM staff and with our spiritual mentors.

Next month we will make the trek out to Colorado Springs for a seminar on support raising that’s being taught by The Navigators. We will be out there from September 16th -30th and would love to see those of you who live in the area! It is our goal to be in the full swing of raising support by October/November. Once we enter into that phase, we hope to be able to leave for Africa within the year – very exciting!! There is a lot that needs to be done before that, but we are filled with great anticipation.

We are still getting plugged into our church, Bethel Christian Fellowship (www.bcfnations.org), where we’ve been attending for the past year. Tim leads a monthly missions/prayer event for the young people and Heidi is involved with the prayer/counseling ministry. Recently, we took on a new leadership role working with the young adults and we are very excited about the possibilities of this and look forward to ministering together as a team.

We want to encourage you to check out our web-log at www.chaseus.blogspot.com for updates on how we’re doing, pictures, prayer requests, and to see and where we’re at in this process of preparation. We covet your prayers and want to reciprocate, so please let us know how we can be praying for you!

Please pray:
o That we would be diligent in this process of training and preparation
o For continued faith for Heidi’s full physical recovery
o Our focus would be entirely on God as we prepare to shift our lives overseas

As a further update on my physical health, this past week has been pretty hard and I'm in a lot of pain. Though the headaches persist I am persevering and looking forward with great anticipation to a complete healing. God is able! We still greatly desire your prayers and intercession and really appreciate those of you are praying.

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