Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Diaper Wars and Flyboys

On Friday night we had an overnight event with the Lost N Found (young adults) group at church. It was great fun. There were about 20 people that showed up, but not all stayed the whole time. We started with mixer games and pizza, followed by Diaper Wars. The Fellowship Hall was turned into the Diaper Wars arena and a good time was had by all. Julie finally tore us away to play Sardines. After we had our fun sneaking though a darkened church, we settled in for a movie in the Sanctuary. Sahara was the film of choice. With the ending of the movie, the few of us that were left crashed on the floor of the Fellowship Hall. We all deemed it a success event.

On Sunday night Heidi and I rented Flyboys, a little known movie about WWI pilots that just came out on DVD. The movie is pretty clean and contains a sweet, but unnecessary, love story. The audience gets to learn a little about the dangers of flying the early biplanes and what it took to learn how to fly and fight with new and generally untested technology. While weak in character development, the movie’s strength is the aerial combat sequences. The scene where the pilots try to take down a well defended Zeppelin is just fantastic. Flyboys is not a perfect movie, but worth checking out.

It is a beautiful day. Unfortunately there will not be time for one of my favorite activities in the whole world, which is walking around a lake with my Sweet Baboo. I sure do love my Sweet Baboo.

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