Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Toby Mac, Demon Hunter, and Rocky

I (Tim) received three CDs for my birthday. Here are my reviews:

The other day someone that Heidi works with said “DC Talk doesn’t rap.” That is a sure sign that I am getting old. I am a long time DC Talk fan, but when the three guys started doing solo albums, I only bought Toby Mac’s albums. His first two albums, Momentum and Diverse City were great. His third album, Portable Sounds, does not disappoint. He still does a great mix of rock, hip hop, and gospel without sounding stale. I like this new album a whole lot.

Demon Hunter is heavy. Their previous album, Summer of Darkness, was about as heavy as I could take. Their latest effort, the Triptych, is a little less heavy but no less brilliant. They add even more melody and two haunting ballads. I got the special edition, which has three acoustic bonus tracks, including their show stopping “My Heartstrings Come Undone”. I bet they are great live. I like this album a whole lot, too.

I am a sucker for the Rocky movies. As well as being enjoyable movies, they contain great music, or, more specifically, great 80’s music. I now have the Best of Rocky soundtrack. It contains such gems as “Eye of the Tiger”, “No Easy Way Out”, and “Burning Heart”. Of course, there are also the fantastic instrumentals. This is the kind of music you listen to before or during a workout. Good stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Demon Hunter Rules LIVE! Hey if you are looking for great 80's rock you need to check out the new album by The Showdown. It's called Temptation Come My Way. It's loaded with 80's music. I even heard it is on sale at Best Buy for 8 bucks. Check it out. Later. Matty D