Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yesterday was my Birthday!!!

Hooray! I love my birthday. Well, except for last year. Tim was sick and I worked, so we couldn't really celebrate. But that's ok, b/c this year was great! I had breakfast with a new friend from work, then got my eyebrows waxed at Juut (for the first time!) with some more friends from work, and then we headed across the street to Cafe Latte for some yummy dessert. And then I visited a dear friend at the Bibelot where she gave me a darling gift and then I headed home to my sweet husband who got me gifts I would never buy for myself but really wanted - perfect! Then we went for sushi and came home to munch on Good N Plentys and watch a movie, a wonderful day!!

I wanted to sent a special thanks to everyone who sent me emails and hilarious e-cards yesturday, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your kind words and watching those great cards. THANKS for making my birthday extra special, friends like you are great!!

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Miranda said...

Um, Heidi... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! I suck. I'm glad it was great! Love you!