Friday, March 30, 2007

Movie review: TMNT

Back in ’83 there was an independent comic book released about 4 wisecracking, adolescent, mutated turtles, that love pizza and had ninja training. From that unlikely source came several different afternoon cartoons, three movies, and many, many toy sales. In 2007, someone decided to update the franchise with a fourth movie. However, instead of turtle suits and white rappers, the turtles returned in computer generated animation. It was a good choice.

I loved TMNT. From the incredible graphics to the sci-fi storyline, it was a fun ride. There is even a scene based on the life of Duane Trantham, pre-1994. (If you know Duane, you’ll know it when you see it.) It is a family friendly film that shows the redemption of broken relationships, but mostly just has sweet action scenes and some great wisecracks. If you like stuff like that, you will like TMNT. If you are looking for something deeper, skip it.

Great scene: The Turtles and their allies fight the entire foot clan with POD’s “Light’s Out” in the background.

Great line: Michelangelo: Did anyone get the license plate of that thing that hit us last night? It looked like your mom, dude!
Donatello: Yeah, that would make her your mom too, doofus.
Michelangelo: Nuts.

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